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Ashraf (ashraf17) | 2 comments A love story in an apocalyptic world. A book for the benefits of humanity and all life on the planet. Let's save our home planet..

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Ashraf (ashraf17) | 2 comments My human sister and brothers I thank you but you know my book will not reach the people whose mind are in darkness because of their ignorance of illusions. But a human with wisdom and true knowledge do know that this planet is dying and we are going toward a point of no return every day. I am promoting this book to climate change denier and to people who don't care about our home. But they don't even give a see because of no interesting reviews. But I still believe in people like me who care for our home. The only home we have in the entire cosmos. The book is deeply emotional but it must describe how we will feel if our planet is dying and all life is empty. I believe that we will save our planet. There is a great cosmos out there and we must survive enough to explore that. Those stars, planets, life, black holes, Nitron stars the beauty is just extraordinary. How can we human die without observing those? But we cannot go on a journey while our own home is dying. Can we?

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