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At the End of Humanity
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Sujoy Das | 1 comments ...At the valley of northern mountains around 200 km away from the main village, a Sarraysian platoon is on standby waiting for both, enemy and reinforcement. The morning sun is trying to force its way through the floating white clouds. An icy early winter wind steadily blowing through them carrying a strange sound of a far-off continuous thud, echoing across the valley like a clap of thunder, repeating and repeating. The fear of continuous losing, death, wounds, loss of family and friends makes the wind seem even more colder. The mountains block their view; they can only feel a tremor of movement in the ground. With gradual increase in
rumbling it becomes hard for them to stand on the ground. Suddenly the rumbling of the earth ceased and a sense of confusion has arisen among the soldiers. They notice an enormous shadowy figure leaps up from behind the mountain coming towards them....

At the End of Humanity

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