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message 1: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Mintz | 5 comments Are there any active Seattle groups? Any interest from local people to have one?

message 2: by aldenoneil (new)

aldenoneil | 1000 comments I would be interested.

message 3: by Alex (new)

Alex Ristea (alexristea) | 654 comments I'm from Vancouver, Canada but could be persuaded to come down.

There is a Tacoma thread on the boards somewhere too.

message 4: by Dorene (new)

Dorene | 29 comments We have a fledgling Tacoma group if you're interested in tripping down I-5 on a Sunday afternoon.

Tacoma Sword & Laser

message 5: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Mintz | 5 comments Maybe sometimes. I live in Lynnwood, so a trip to Tacoma is a bit of an adventure. I wouldn't be able to come every month.

message 6: by Janine (new)

Janine Southard (jani_s) | 2 comments I would totally be up for that!

message 7: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte | 2 comments Kenmore representing here. Tacoma too would be a stretch for myself but I'll keep an eye on the Tacoma line too.

message 8: by Adelaide (new)

Adelaide Blair | 100 comments I'm in Seattle!

message 9: by KevBayer (new)

KevBayer (SporadicReviews) | 513 comments Nice to see more Seattle-area folk starting to represent! (Bothell here.) I've wanted to head down to the Tacoma group, but couldn't for the first two meetups, and now my work schedule has changed and I'll be working Sundays at least until the start of new year.

message 10: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Mintz | 5 comments It sort of looks like there are enough of us in the Seattle and north are that we can maybe start something. It would certainly be easier than trekking to Tacoma. :) What say you?

message 11: by KevBayer (new)

KevBayer (SporadicReviews) | 513 comments Worth a shot!

message 12: by Katie (new)

Katie (Calenmir) | 211 comments I'm in Bothell, and while I have friends in Tacoma it is a tad far...I could be up for something more Eastside or Seattle ish. :)

message 13: by Andrew (new)

Andrew J. | 54 comments I'm in the CD right beside the I-90 bridge. I would love to gather some people for a physical meet-up at a local cafe of choice. I prefer Chocolati in Wallingford. Thoughts?

message 14: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Mintz | 5 comments I'm down!

message 15: by Andrew (new)

Andrew J. | 54 comments Any interest in carpooling to the next Tacoma meet-up?

message 16: by Tina (last edited Dec 12, 2014 08:12AM) (new)

Tina (javabird) | 564 comments Live in Bellevue, commute to Work in Seattle. I'd be up for something if I can get there by bus :)

message 17: by Andrew (new)

Andrew J. | 54 comments I think I'd like to attend the Tacoma group at least once. After that, I might spearhead a Seattle group. If such a time should come, as I mentioned above, I vote to meet up in Wally at the Chocolati. They have a great private room upstairs with couches and other cozy things on which to lie about.

message 18: by Genesee (last edited Nov 13, 2015 12:40AM) (new)

Genesee Rickel (geneseerickel) | 37 comments Anyone still interested in a Seattle/North end area meet up? I live in Edmonds so Tacoma is a bit of a haul for me.

message 19: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte | 2 comments I'm in Kenmore, so Seattle /north end still works.

message 20: by Kim (new)

Kim | 477 comments Tacoma is a little far out. I've also never attended an in person book club meeting. How do these things go?

message 21: by Genesee (new)

Genesee Rickel (geneseerickel) | 37 comments Well, for Veronica's other book club (Vaginal Fantasy), we meet once a month, usually after the final discussion of the book by Veronica and the other ladies, and chat about our general impressions and anything and everything else related to the book/nerdy things. In my other book club there tends to be a more structured list of questions to discuss. In both instances we go somewhere that we can eat, sometimes drink, and has enough space to easily accommodate the number of people planning to attend. Usually that means Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park or one of the members homes. Both clubs have a Facebook group that we use to arrange the meet ups.

message 22: by J (new)

J Austill | 72 comments I'm in Renton and work in Seattle. Been meaning to swing through the Tacoma book club one of these days, but a closer one might be more convenient.

message 23: by Genesee (new)

Genesee Rickel (geneseerickel) | 37 comments Given the response, I will go ahead and make a Facebook group and propose some dates and locations. I will post the link to the group here as soon as I've made it.

message 24: by Genesee (new)

Genesee Rickel (geneseerickel) | 37 comments Here is the Facebook link:

Once we have some members added I will post questions on times and locations.

message 25: by Michele (new)

Michele | 9 comments I am interested and live in Woodinville. Third Place books is close. I would come for books I like.

message 26: by Genesee (new)

Genesee Rickel (geneseerickel) | 37 comments Alright, the polls are up! One poll asks for a location preference, the other a time preference.

message 27: by Tina (new)

Tina (javabird) | 564 comments Too bad I don't use FB. Would you please post the final results here.

message 28: by Genesee (new)

Genesee Rickel (geneseerickel) | 37 comments Yes, I will.

message 29: by Genesee (new)

Genesee Rickel (geneseerickel) | 37 comments If you'd like to weigh in here, you may.

Location poll:
1) Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. We would meet in the Commons area where there are huge wooden tables and lots of places to eat.
2) The Pub at Third Place Books in Ravenna. The Pub has a decent menu and is located right below the bookstore.

Time poll:
1) Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat evenings
2) Sunday mornings
3) Sunday afternoons
4) Sunday evenings

message 30: by Genesee (new)

Genesee Rickel (geneseerickel) | 37 comments I don't think there are any Seattle area members of Dragons & Jetpacks. Bummer!

message 31: by KevBayer (last edited Nov 24, 2015 03:10PM) (new)

KevBayer (SporadicReviews) | 513 comments I'm interested. (Bothell Mill Creek area)
...if I were ever reading what S&L was reading.

Have to Google Drahons&Jetpacks: another bookclub?

message 32: by Genesee (new)

Genesee Rickel (geneseerickel) | 37 comments Dragons & Jetpacks is another Goodreads book club. It was recommended that I check them out because (I think) we thought there might be some membership crossover. So far there isn't. They have actually read several books that S&L have. For example, this month's D&J fantasy pick is The Traitor Baru Cormorant. The S&L meetup would be discussing the S&L pick of the month. Based on the polls I think we will most likely be meeting at the LFP Third Place Books, so that should be relatively close to you. I will post details here and on the Facebook page once the event is set.

message 33: by specious_reasons (new)

specious_reasons | 10 comments I've been pretty dormant on Good reads recently, but I saw this and noticed quite a few more north end people posting! I'm from Bothell as well. I just joined the FB group, and I plan to add my two cents.

message 34: by Kim (new)

Kim | 477 comments I started a thread in the SciFi and Fantasy Book Club as well (we're 2nd behind S&L as the largest sci-fi and fantasy book group on GR) but I haven't seen any responses yet.

message 35: by Genesee (last edited Nov 26, 2015 07:06PM) (new)

Genesee Rickel (geneseerickel) | 37 comments Thanks Kim!

Here are the event details from our Facebook page for our Time and Again meeting:

For those of you who don't use Facebook:
Sunday, December 6th, at 1pm|
Third Place Books 17171 Bothell Way NE Lake Forest Park 98155

Keep an eye out for the Sword & Laser sign I will have. We are meeting in the Commons area, right next to the book store, with all the big tables. See you all soon!

message 36: by Genesee (new)

Genesee Rickel (geneseerickel) | 37 comments Hey everyone! For the last two S&L picks, a few Seattle area/North end members have gotten together the first Sunday of the month at 1pm at the Lake Forest Park Third Place Books. We discuss the pick that was assigned to the previous month to ensure that all related podcasts are out and members have had a full month to read the pick.

This past Sunday we started talking about how to get more local members to attend, since there seem to be a fair few of us. Would a better time or place help? Do we need to communicate more on different forums? We primarily set up events via our Facebook page, but I've also added a account for our local chapter. I do plan on posting more event details on Goodreads, things were just a bit hectic around the holidays. So please, if you have any thoughts or ideas about what would make you more likely to attend our meetings, let me know!

Hope to meet a few more of you in person!

message 37: by Patrick (new)

Patrick (saluk) | 14 comments New to S&L but I'm in the area and would be interested in coming by to the next event. Location and date seem OK to me, hopefully some more people join up. I think meetup might help.

message 38: by Genesee (new)

Genesee Rickel (geneseerickel) | 37 comments Hi Patrick! I also think the meetup will help, time will tell. Looking forward to meeting you!

message 39: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Fletcher (BadWolf1019) | 34 comments I would love to join, but my Sundays are booked up with roller derby. Hopefully these continue into the future and I can attend at some point. I think it is a great idea

message 40: by Kim (new)

Kim | 477 comments For me it's two things. The distance is far for me to get by bus, and the current books don't interest me much.

message 41: by Genesee (new)

Genesee Rickel (geneseerickel) | 37 comments Sarah what would be some alternative times that work for you? My sister is on I5 and her schedule is crazy, I can only imagine what yours is like!

Kim, where do you live? We could always try to arrange an easier pick up point and discuss a different location.

message 42: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Fletcher (BadWolf1019) | 34 comments Tough to say, I skate on Tilted Thunder, and practice times vary. Some weekday evenings work. The next problem would be staying up to date on the monthly picks :)

Do you all have a FB group? Those are helpful to post monthly meet ups

message 43: by Genesee (new)

Genesee Rickel (geneseerickel) | 37 comments I've never been to a banked track bout! I've only ever seen flat track. Maybe we can arrange to come out and cheer you on sometime, that would be fun!

Here is the link to our Facebook group:

I'm trying to post about other events that I think our members would be interested. All available on our Facebook page :). I won't be free to attend all the events I post about, only the ones that have official event pages set up through our Facebook group for sure. Hopefully I will have time for some of the others! Maybe some of those will fit your more varied schedule.

message 44: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Fletcher (BadWolf1019) | 34 comments thanks, I just joined the FB group.

Funny you mention never seeing a banked track bout. We have one this coming Saturday (1/9). I am skate on the Sugar Skulls. The bout is in Monroe at the fairgrounds if you are interested in checking it out.

Thanks for the info on the FB group. :)

message 45: by specious_reasons (new)

specious_reasons | 10 comments Genesee, thanks for doing all this work! So far, I've really enjoyed our meetings.

message 46: by Genesee (new)

Genesee Rickel (geneseerickel) | 37 comments Don't forget! Today we meet at 1pm at the LFP Third Place Books. Looking forward to seeing you all! And I remembered the sign this time :)

message 47: by Genesee (new)

Genesee Rickel (geneseerickel) | 37 comments Seattle’s group is still going strong! We recently changed our meet up time to the first Saturday evening of the month. Check out our Facebook page for details.!/groups/1499...

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