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Another Girl, Another Planet Another Girl, Another Planet by Lou Antonelli
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“There is a small valley ten kilometers from the joint Mars colony, not visible from the surrounding desert, in the heart of the Melas Chasma in the Valles Marineris. As you approach it you will see three crosses -- one a traditional Latin cross, and two Celtic crosses. One of the Celtic crosses is next to the Latin cross. The other Celtic cross sits off to the side. It's obviously a small graveyard. And you're the first person to see this lonely place since I was there in 1985. You want to know what I know about it?
I know everything. I dug those graves. By hand.”
Lou Antonelli, Another Girl, Another Planet
“The taxi stand was only an open shelter, so I was freezing as I looked toward midtown. I could see the RCA building with its bright red logo at Rockefeller Center, and farther south, the Empire State Building with its illuminated set-backs. At the tip of Manhattan, the twin towers of the World Trade Center -- which were over 1,100 feet tall themselves -- flanked the mile-high Space Trylon. It was clear as well as cold, and as I looked toward Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece, it seemed to be poijnting to the stars. This, of course, was the idea, since it embodied the joint American-Soviet space exploration program that settled the Moon in 1955, and, twenty years later, Mars.”
Lou Antonelli, Another Girl, Another Planet